Planted by The Water

Lately I have been dealing with some things that have made every day seemingly harder than the last. Often times it can seem like, although we hear about hope and that good seasons exist, all we ever seem to experience is one trial after the next with very few and fleeting moments of joy. As a christian, I know that life on this earth is not supposed to be comfortable, but is it supposed to be miserable? I study the word of God every day so I know what it says about trials and sticking it out because of the glory that will be revealed at the end. I know what is says about the afflictions of the righteous being many, but God saves us out of each one. I am familiar with the crown of life

The Art of Battleborn's Cutscenes...well some of it.

Hello and welcome to my first post on my new blog! I moved over to having a blog on my own site because it's just easier, more convenient, and makes more sense all around. I am not really much of a "blogger" so forgive my poor writing and any spelling or grammar issues you may run in to. So not too long ago I worked on illustrations for a little game called "Battleborn" that came out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Battleborn was developed by Gearbox Software who are best known for their extremely popular "Borderlands" IP. I was part of a team of background artists working freelance for a brand new studio called Secret Sauce Studios, and we painted background illustrations for the game's 2D c